Sunday, March 10, 2019

Thank You for the Clarity

By nature I'm a fixer- I like to fix things: problems, people, situations. I've spent (read: wasted) a great deal of time in my life thinking everything had a solution and every story could have a happy ending. I blame growing up on 80's sitcoms and my love for romantic comedies. Roughly 30% of my delusion alone I've traced back to Hugh Grant- bad boys with good voices and sheepish grins were my kryptonite.

Anyway, now after a lot of disappointment and frustration I know that there is only so much you can do and when things don't work out after you've tried you darnedest- you have to realize: it is what it is. 

As a control freak it is super hard to accept: things don't always come together at the end of the half hour, or when you find a person that makes you melt, or when you work your butt off at a job.

Yet, there is some good news in seeing this: clarity!

When someone or some situation shows you what's what with them-- instead of fighting or denying it, it's much more empowering to be thankful for the clarity.

Thank the cheater for making it easier to move on to find a new love; thank the boss for not promoting you so you can go find your truer calling or better run company; thank the old friend for betraying you because now you have more time to devote to yourself instead of her.

Disappointment and heartbreak is a signpost that that is not where or with whom you belong. It stings- I know- trust me I know! But, Yay! Now there is clarity. Now you can be free to go find the person, friend or work that sparks joy in you ;)

Try suffering less next time you get hurt and instead thanking the universe for clarity so you can go find the joy you deserve in life. It is way better and more powerful to live with clarity then rose-colored glasses. Tip: Keep the frames, but get clear lenses. πŸ€“

Monday, February 25, 2019

Recharge Yourself

Do you get anxious when you see your phone is at 10%? Of course you do, it's the Pavlovian trigger of our time. Arianna Huffington often talks about how we check in more often on how our cell phone battery is doing during the day than we check in with ourselves.

A few years ago I was reading Finding Your Own North Star, by Martha Beck, and in part of one of the exercises called Climbing Back Into Your Body she asks you to check in with your left big toe. Now this was a startling revelation for me- not that I have toes- but that I probably had not specifically checked in with each one individually since I was a child figuring out which one went to the market.  🐷

I had been really neglecting the vessel in which I live and only paying attention to my body when it's in pain πŸ˜–or in pleasure πŸ˜‰. Of course there was yearly maintenance but as long as I got a ✅ that nothing was wrong it was all good until next year. Even when I would be in workout mode I was mostly going through the motions- let's get this done. Not really connecting with my energy in a way that honored how I wanted to be in the world.

Our bodies are amazing! And we take them for granted because we think if our mind is still awake and functioning enough to get us to our next hour of the day we must be fine. Ridiculous!

Look around... how many of us our numb to how exhausted we are or how we are living on auto-pilot. We do no one any good living on empty.

So what's an exhausted but grateful body to do?
Practice being as connected to our toes as we are to our texts. For me, I'm practicing having quiet time at night before I go to bed so I can calm myself before sleep. Meditating. Stretching when I feel tense. And decluttering my space regularly so I don't have my energy zapped by things that don't spark JOY.

Every time you check your phone: check your mind for clarity... check your shoulders for tension... check your heart for peace... check your gut for direction. Our phones are our tool to be in communication with the world but let's also use that battery-deplete-panic as a reminder that the most important form of communication is with ourselves.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Theme 2019

2019's Theme :) 

FRESH: New, different, full of energy and vigor, bright and healthy in appearance, cool and fairly strong.... so I'm all about fresh starts, fresh air, fresh food, fresh experiences.

What are you up to in 2019?

If you haven't created your year yet--- come join in!

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