Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Joy of LOVE

There are a few choices to pick from when you're single on Valentine's Day:
  • Bitter Cynic: sometimes momentarily satisfying but not at all very attractive.
  • Valentines Denier: ignoring it which is hard to do when it's V-Day for a whole weekend.
  • Love Optimist: remember the V-Days you were in love hopeful that you will find love again soon.
  • Lover of Love: powerful creative and embracer of love in all forms who makes love happen.
I choose the latter. Even though it is rather sickening to be bombarded with all the gushing and goo of those excited because they are in love (especially true of the newly in-love), there is power in working your love muscle (not that one, focus people). 

I believe in the energy flow of our thoughts and mental engagement. If we turn our hearts and minds away from love and the celebration of it, we are blocking good energy that might be on its way to us. Afterall, the more loving and powerful you are the more attractive you appear to others. Who wants to date a cynic (ok, other cynics, but that is not who we want to end up with)?!

My strategy for counteracting love resistance is to embrace and be grateful for the love already in my life. Self love, family love, friend love, and for goodness sake the love of HUMANITY!

I went out last night with a single friend who is dealing with a sick mother and we went and saw the chick flick Valentine's Day (which was better than I thought it would be). In the past I have babysat for my BFF so she and her husband could go on a date (the first time out of house without formal plans in a year). We all have love to give and if we focus on where it can benefit others we don't actually give it away, we multiply it. 

So, I say don't be cynical (your turn will come); don't be in denial (it keeps you from gifting others you love)... instead be an optimist, be a giver, be lovely by multiplying the love you have.

Wishing everyone lots of LOVE

And just in time, if you are looking for love, my pal Amy Spencer's new book Meeting Your Half-Orange is out this week.