Monday, November 22, 2010

The ThanksGiving List

Over a decade ago I started my favorite tradition ever: The ThanksGiving List. It is a list of my closest friends and why I am thankful for them that year. It's specific and heartfelt and I work on it the weekend before Thanksgiving (or earlier) and it is the best thing I do all year.

On the morning of Thanksgiving I wake up early, make two Pepperidge Farm cherry turnovers, and begin my calls around 9ish. I have until noon until I need to start getting ready to go to my family's dinner. After years of cultivating what I now think of as an art form, I can get most all of the calls in within this time frame.

Working off my notes I take a moment to get present with my gratitude and then I call my friend Ann (the list is alphabetical) and begin the thanking. It is designed to be a quick call, there are no pleasantries or small talk, it starts: Are you ready? Ok, Ann this is why I am thankful for you this year....

I rarely allow them to thank me back (that is not the point of the call, then it would be me just fishing for compliments). It is all about the giving, the thanking.

This is such a big deal with my friends that they often pick up the phone on the first ring, and have been known to start calling early in the month to make sure they are still on the list. It is not a given. If I have not been in touch with someone all year and I am not feeling it, they are off the list.

Pure gratitude and thankfulness is rare and this ritual has made Thanksgiving by-far my favorite holiday of the year. It makes me feel so blessed to make these calls and I know from the silence, the laughter, and sometimes the tears, how much it means to those receiving them.

Do yourself a favor and make a list, and if not on Thanksgiving pick one day a year to call up and thank the people that make your life so wonderful. I promise... you'll be thanking me for it!

UPDATE for 2011: I've begun some thank you tweets & emails to people I appreciate at work and in the social space I play in. These are quick little thank you's but keep in mind there is no bad time or way to thank someone. Get Thanking Today!

UPDATE for 2012: My pal Amy Spencer wrote a blog post about how much she liked The Thanksgiving List and then she included it in her new book Bright Side Up. Check it out on pages 137-138.

note: artwork blatantly lifted with thanks to Peanuts and creator Charles Schulz.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sanity Defense

Jon Stewart - Moment of Sincerity
Rally to Restore Sainty and/or FearThe Daily ShowThe Colbert Report

Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity last weekend was crazy! The music was great, the signs hysterical, the skits were decent enough... but the moment that really hit me was his Moment of Sincerity at the end. He spoke of how if we amplify everything, we hear nothing. How we might all hold different values but we can still live day to day with each other (because we already do). How is it that we are more civilized merging into traffic going through a tunnel then dealing with health care or our children's education? You go, then I'll go sounds pretty great to me; I'll even let you go first. 

I love Jon when he is on The Daily Show but I LOVE him when he is talking seriously about how pundits and cable news are a joke and hurting America. Politics has always been a messy business but when networks are dedicated to making it messier and profiting off the fear they stir up in people, it is beyond messy and just downright shitty!

When I voted this week I cast my votes, per usual, for mostly Ds but a R or two that I thought were doing a good job. And what I was most disappointed in was how politicians are already beginning 2012 positioning instead of saying: I better get to work and help these citizens that just elected/reelected me.

There are crazy people in the world (I believe Glenn Beck is one cry away from completely losing it) but what is insane to me are the people who watch him and get all filled with hate (this goes for people of the left as well) instead of saying: Ok, I believe that is a problem let's see what we can agree on as a workable solution

NRA members you want everyone armed; how about no assault weapons in cities and outlawing armor piercing bullets? Religious institutions you want tax free status; how about financial transparency and turning in your pedophiles? School unions you want more support and higher pay; how about not backing teachers that suck and actually earning tenure? There are few times when a society as large as ours is ever going to get more than 60% of its citizens to agree completely... but safe streets and safe, healthy, and educated kids seems like a good place to start.

I am all for outrage and strong debate but eventually we need to sit down and compromise to get things done. If that's not something people can agree upon I say we put them on the crazy-train out of town and work with the sane amongst us, no matter who they pulled the lever for.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Men Need Friends: Who's Your Sundance?

Twice this week I cried over deep friendships... not mine, but those of some men I don't even know. It started when I was watching Paul Newman and Robert Redford's episode of Iconoclasts. Hearing them talk about their deep bond and how because they could lean on each other they could get beyond Hollywood egos and life's other issues and create a gift (Newman's Own, Sundance) to share with the world.  

Then I got choked up listening to an interview (last 5 minutes of part 2) between Marc Maron and Louis CK talking about how they used to be best friends until jealousy tore them apart. Here are just a few snippets from Louie trying to explain how he felt:
When you know someone for a long time it’s a valuable thing… we were best friends for a long time… there are times when it’s hard to be your friend’s friend…
... it takes a good friend to stay with you in hard times, it takes a good friend to stay with you in good times… everyone needs support, everybody does… You’re being a shitty friend by being jealous. 
I could have used you, I got divorced, I got a show canceled, I had some tough times I could of used a friend. Those times that were making you jealous, I was struggling, I was having a hard time.
Here is something I don't think most men talk about: their need to have a close male friend. And I'm not talking a beer or golf buddy, I'm talking someone who you can talk to about anything. I was not familiar with Marc Maron and have only recently started to really love Louis CK, yet I was still unbelievably moved by how they both needed each other but were too stubborn/ jealous/ insecure to really reach out. (Warning: Louie is not everyone's bag of tea. My sister could not even listen to a full minute of him because of his language- salty. But his everything's amazing and nobody's happy bit on Conan is safe for all.) The thing I've noticed with my male friends is that they have a hard time with deep communications in general and especially if they are feeling lost or struggling.

Recently one of my oldest pals called me to apologize for how crappy of a friend he had been. He was going through something and realized he had no one to talk to about it. When he went to call me he said it hit him how he had spent the last decade focused solely on his work and totally not thinking of other people outside his immediate family. I have no real friends- who would even say anything at my funeral?

A little dramatic, but probably kind of true. This is especially true once guys get out of their 20's and start to have families and focus heavily on their careers. Unlike most women, men can often rely exclusively on their spouse for the only intimate relationship in their lives. But if there is something off in that relationship or if they feel like they aren't succeeding there, they can feel alone in the world. One of my close girlfriends is going through a divorce and her ex is being a total ass. Still I found myself trying to explain his actions because I knew he was doing stupid stuff because he had no one else to lash out at and no one to talk things through with.

Louie also mentioned something that I think men don't talk about either; he said he was in therapy and he wasn't getting where he wanted it to go, so he point-blank asked the guy: what is my problem? The therapist said his over-eating and masterbation all stemmed from anxiety and those habits were what he used to cope with it. How many men drink/drug, gamble, abuse porn, sleep around, leave their families, all because they don't know how to handle their anxieties? A lot!

I have known men who have cheated on their wives/girlfriends and the reason: to connect with someone. Sure there is the bonus of sex, but mostly that too is tied to a release from feeling stressed, confused, unimportant, like a failure, etc. Executives, celebrities, athletes, average Joes, all need to have someone who can listen and relate to them. Like Louie said:  I had some tough times, I could of used a friend. 

So Guys don't wait till you are in a bad way, reach out and make a friend, be a friend, repair a friendship... because everyone needs support, everybody does.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perspective in a Picture

Pakistani children who survived heavy flooding lie covered with flies- roadside in
Nowshera Pakistan on Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010 (AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad)
This photo haunts me. Actually many of these photos haunt me, but mostly this one because I can't imagine having to endure your kids being covered in flies with nothing to feed them and little more that you can do.

Part of the inspiration behind my last post (The HOPE Index) was the floods in Pakistan and the silliness of all the non-stop news about Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Glenn Beck, etc. and how ridiculous we have become as consumers of "news"/info. I am as guilty as the next person of keeping up with the latest Hollywood/Washington buzz, but when I catch myself complaining about something or listening to my friends bemoan some relatively trivial inconvenience, I want to shout: ARE YOU KIDDING... ARE YOU HOMELESS, HUNGRY, AND COVERED IN FLIES? THEN SHUT UP!!!

I get we all need a release and it isn't healthy to be constantly focused on all that ails the world, but I do think a dose of real perspective might help: Me, You, and for goodness sake those twits that have nothing better to do than drugs, fear mongering, paparazzi posing, and porn. 

Here's hoping you are having a wonderful day, and if not, I wish that your troubles fly by and don't land too long. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HOPE Index

George Clooney's speech at the Emmys was striking. He won the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award and gave a short speech calling for celebrities to use their fame to do good in the world. In his last few lines here is what hit me:
When a disaster happens, everybody wants to help, everybody in this room wants to help, everybody at home wants to help. The hard part is seven months late, five years later, when we're on to a new story. Honestly, we fail at that most of the time. That's the facts.
I fail at that.
So here's hoping that some very bright person right here in the room or at home watching can help find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away. That would be an impressive accomplishment. Thank you.

Of course I was extremely inspired and also thought I am a bright person... let's see what I can come up with. Here is my suggestion. I'm dedicating my idea to the original inspiration and George's speech and calling it:

The HOPE Index
Idea: Highlight the top 10 humanitarian needs in a simple one page document (cheat sheet, if you will) that can be easily distributed to politicians, philanthropists, celebrities, educators, clergy, reporters, etc.

Why: Sure everyone wants to help when something horrible is going on in the world, but as the Pakistani floods just demonstrated, we have no real understanding of the proportion of need and urgency in the world. If there is an America's Most Wanted, why isn't there a World's Most Needed?

Who: There are already experts (ie. Jeffrey Sachs, Samantha Power, Nicholas Kristof...) who know where the greatest need is, so how about the United Nations or in partnership with some of the most well respected organizations (Acumen Fund, Virgin United, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, One Campaign, The Sapling Foundation, The Red Cross...) creating a monthly, or as needed, joint press release highlighting the world's most current crises.

A simple sheet that breaks down the information into an easy format will allow journalists, teachers, politicians, etc. to snack on the info. When information is too overwhelming nothing gets digested or done.

My suggestion for a person to lead this idea is Jacqueline Novogratz. She has the business brilliance and connections (not to mention the perfect partner in Chris Anderson) to assemble the right people. What's in it for her? It would draw even more attention to the amazing work she and her organization, the Acumen Fund, are doing and give her an even bigger megaphone to help the world.

Here >> H.I. << are a few more thoughts on logistics and distribution of the HOPE Index. And below is a quick example of the summary I am talking about:

Again, this is not the start of a new charity or organization it is the spotlight that George Clooney called for in his speech. It is taking what people are unaware of, already working on, or concerned about and providing a simple bite-sized way to communicate the information. Instead of the worst dressed lists, best seller list, America's Most Wanted, or weekly movie box-office stats, lets compile and digest some real information and bring attention to how HOPE can HELP.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspire It Forward!

I was living my life purpose this week, which is to be Solar: light myself up with enough knowledge and inspiration to hopefully touch others with my energy. It took me a long time to realize I can only change myself and not others and the same goes with inspiration.

We can't inspire others, we can only absorb inspiration and inspire ourselves and sometimes that rubs off and inspires others. Four people told me something I did inspired them this week. One story I can share is the loop of inspiration with Keith Ferrazzi. Keith is the author of Never Eat Alone & Who Got You Back, both books that have inspired me. I have been author-stalking Keith for a while now and the other day he sent out a tweet about one of his followers who wrote an article about letting everyone you know know that you are in job search. So I decided to follow his advice and let him know about my Joyful Job Bounty. To my delight he retweeted my info and added "How clever!"

Well clever is as clever does, so after he kept promoting his upcoming Relationship Mastery Academy program I asked if he would take me on as a member on scholarship and if his techniques worked I would gladly repay him (plus match a donation to his favorite charity). He loved the idea of a scholarship program for those in job search and offered a 50% scholarship (need some skin in the game) to me and 9 others (apply if you'd be interested).

Here is the thing: he inspired me > I inspired him > he is inspiring me again (along with others who are inspired by the tweets and scholarships offered).

Lesson learned: don't focus on inspiring others. Focus on inspiring yourself and living fully self-expressed in that inspiration, and you will inspire others by example. Nothing pays-it-forward more than lighting ourselves up and in doing so we... Inspire It Forward!

06/02/10 UPDATE: And the inspiration continues to flow... see Keith's mention of me in his blog > 
02/01/2011 UPDATE: I am now working for Keith! I am the Community Manager for his Business Relationship Masters Academy... life is weird and wonderful J

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Live The JOY


Two weeks ago I am talking to my agent about my new book, and she starts to tell me what needs to be changed, added, flushed out... ugh! It's not that I don't value her opinion (she's brilliant) but I thought I was finished with it and I wanted to move on to the next step. SMACK! That is what I want to do in my whole life. Learn something, move on. Finish a project, what's next?

I hate the concept of everything being a "process". I like to finish things, celebrate the win and then move to next thing. I think I got that from grade school where you finish a grade get your report card, play for the summer and then with new school supplies in hand start the next one. Clearly I am not good in limbo.

After these notes from her I realized I was not being very joyful, as a matter of fact I was a bit of a brat. And that's when it hit me... how can I write a book about Finding Joy when I am not living it every day. Sure the inspiration of the book is the transformation I underwent when I was in the worst time of my life and how I got my life out of that ditch. But I am not truly living my message fully if I really think about it. I found the formula for Joy, but I haven't been practicing the hard grit work of living in Joy.

So, I am going to practice what I preach. I am going to be Finding Joy in my life, and I would like you to come along. The basis of my Me Mapping technique that the book is based on is to diagram out your life and to pick something to declutter in your life, something to engage with or enhance and something to be grateful for. I use the Circle of Joy graphic above to illustrate how momentum can build in our lives when we continuously:
 -     declutter  
+     engage   
☺   appreciate  

This being May 1st what a great time to start living the life I am committed to. Here is some of what I will be working on in the next month: I will be 
 -       decluttering my office of all unnecessary paperwork 
+      engaging with my physical fitness in the form of exercising/body work daily
     personally thanking someone for their contribution in my life weekly

What would you like to transform in your life? Pick 3 things to work on and let me know how it is going for you. Where and how are you Finding Your Joy?

Friday, March 26, 2010

JOYFUL JOB BOUNTY... Who's Got My Back?!

As of April 1st I will be available for my next adventure, so I was contemplating the smartest and most efficient way to find a new gig. Sure, I have some ideas and strategies up my sleeve (honestly a few things I've already tried that haven't bloomed yet) but it occurred to me I don't know everyone I need to know to land one of my ideal jobs today. And frankly it is too tough out there and I am too impatient to not give my destiny a big push.

Then it hit me, I have an amazing agent that landed me my fabulous first book deal, why not enlist an agent to find me a great gig? Better yet, why not enroll the people who know me and already think I'm brilliant and create an army of agents out there all touting me at once?

Keith Ferrazzi is a business thought leader and author and his big idea is that no one can get to their greatness alone. We all need to ask for and provide help to each other if we want to truly succeed in life. And he is right. Sometimes I have a hard time asking for help because I like to think of myself as the helper. But when I turn it around, I am actually helping people help me! Yah that's the ticket, I can still be a helper and give the gift of letting others know how valuable and amazing they are. It's a win-win!

And that is how the JOYFUL JOB BOUNTY was hatched. I came up with the idea of letting others help me find a company/ client/ project that could use my help and in return I'll reward them with a lucrative 10% bounty. Actually that makes this a win-win-win!

My end goal is to find a gig that is a fit for me, and spread the karma by sharing my good fortune with those who helped me land the opportunity. If you would like to play, I would love to have you on my team.  Check out for details.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'd Like To Thank... And You?

For the last couple of years the Academy Awards has had a segment where prior to the award being given the Best Actor and Actress are acknowledged by a tribute from one of their peers. This is one of my favorite parts of the show. Only one out of those five nominees is going to win the Oscar but to get a gushing minute tribute in front of the world- well, that's a pretty nice consolation prize.

This leads me to my Oscar Challenge: write your speech and find a way to give it. As an author I got to write an acknowledgment page in the back of my book and for my next book I'll get to do it again. But, there is no reason everyone can't do one. Why should you "waste" your time? First, it is fun and heart warming to think about who means enough in your life to be thanked. Second, what is a greater gift to give than to acknowledge people that make your life what it is?

Give it at the next family dinner, when you are out for burgers with your friends, your next business conference, write a blog about it, or a LinkedIn recommendation for someone.  Or go one step further and put it out in the Universe that you will win an award some day and use it as motivation to propel yourself into that situation (maybe it isn't an Oscar, but in some field that you are extraordinary in). Golly even just write it out and send in a letter. If you struggle to write it, maybe you need to take that as hint that it's time to attract more thank-worthy people into your life or simply stop being so stingy with your praise.

Either way, thank someone whether it is heard by millions or just them- it truly is golden.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Joy of LOVE

There are a few choices to pick from when you're single on Valentine's Day:
  • Bitter Cynic: sometimes momentarily satisfying but not at all very attractive.
  • Valentines Denier: ignoring it which is hard to do when it's V-Day for a whole weekend.
  • Love Optimist: remember the V-Days you were in love hopeful that you will find love again soon.
  • Lover of Love: powerful creative and embracer of love in all forms who makes love happen.
I choose the latter. Even though it is rather sickening to be bombarded with all the gushing and goo of those excited because they are in love (especially true of the newly in-love), there is power in working your love muscle (not that one, focus people). 

I believe in the energy flow of our thoughts and mental engagement. If we turn our hearts and minds away from love and the celebration of it, we are blocking good energy that might be on its way to us. Afterall, the more loving and powerful you are the more attractive you appear to others. Who wants to date a cynic (ok, other cynics, but that is not who we want to end up with)?!

My strategy for counteracting love resistance is to embrace and be grateful for the love already in my life. Self love, family love, friend love, and for goodness sake the love of HUMANITY!

I went out last night with a single friend who is dealing with a sick mother and we went and saw the chick flick Valentine's Day (which was better than I thought it would be). In the past I have babysat for my BFF so she and her husband could go on a date (the first time out of house without formal plans in a year). We all have love to give and if we focus on where it can benefit others we don't actually give it away, we multiply it. 

So, I say don't be cynical (your turn will come); don't be in denial (it keeps you from gifting others you love)... instead be an optimist, be a giver, be lovely by multiplying the love you have.

Wishing everyone lots of LOVE

And just in time, if you are looking for love, my pal Amy Spencer's new book Meeting Your Half-Orange is out this week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Greatness or Fear... Choose!


"Every day I meet people who have so much to give but have been bullied enough or frightened enough to hold it back. It's time to stop complying with the system and draw your own map. You have brilliance in you, your contribution is essential, and the art you create is precious. Only you can do it, and you must."
    ~ Seth Godin; Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Seth Godin released his latest book yesterday and although I will go out and get it soon, I had to write about the above quote from the book now. It strikes me as summing up exactly what is draining people of their greatness: fear. The last two weeks I have been commuting downtown for a gig and what strikes me as I ride the train is how beaten down people look. I live in a nice suburb, so it is not like these folks are probably not off to good jobs and that they don't have lovely homes, etc. It's just that they look lifeless and exhausted (even on the way home).

It's sad when people give up on finding their greatness and living their lives as works of art, so they just settle on muddling through. Don't get me wrong in every life there are times when we all need to just coast, but that people stop looking or give up the hunt is a tragedy.

Brings me back to two of my biggest life lessons:

1) Life is short... love well!  Learned this from losing ones I loved and wondering--what am I waiting for? We only have so much time and we never know how long that will be so... giddy up! This is in regards to all aspects of life but especially when it comes to love. Romantic love, love of ourselves, love for our life's work, EVERYTHING!

2) Map It Out! When I was in a discombobulated time in my life I created Me Mapping to map out my life and actually see what I was spending my energy, time, money, attention, etc. on. Looking at my life on paper made some things very clear. It is not like then everything magically fell into place but now I am closer to decluttering what is not working, engaging with the important things in my life, and finding myself more grateful for what is already working.

I couldn't agree with Seth more. It's time we all draw our own map, sidestep the fear, claim our brilliance, create our art, and truly get our GREATNESS. Quotes like this one is why I am in his Tribe.

*this is inside cover of Seth's last book Tribes and you can't tell but in the top left corner is a photo of me :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decluttering & Abundance

As big a fan as I am of decluttering, I am also neglectful of keeping up with it. Case in point: I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and decided instead of just straightening it I would remove all my shoe boxes and donate or throw out anything I don't wear anymore. Well, two lessons popped up:

1) I apparently thought I needed to keep every shoebox from every purchase I have ever made. Even though I have a very organized back of the closet shoe rack I must have thought I would need the original boxes someday. Um...why? As great of dust collectors as they are, they served no current purpose so out they went. (I still keep my fancy shoes in boxes but they are now neatly stacked and organized by color). Lesson: what are we holding onto that serves no purpose in our lives- fewer useless boxes open up tons of space in my closet (for more shoes- kidding).

2) On my shelves with the shoeboxes was a box filled with pantyhose that I totally forgot I had. Having left corporate America a few years back I had stored my surplus hose in this box and only kept a few pairs in my drawers for when needed. The irony is that I am going to be back in suits soon and so this stash appeared at the perfect time- saving me lots of money too. Lesson: what useful things are we not able to access because we forget we even have them? I had an abundance of hose that I found once I decluttered the useless shoeboxes.

Bottom line... getting rid of the things I don't need not only allows me to appreciate my space more fully, it also reminds me of the abundance of useful things I already own. On to my office tomorrow- can't wait to see what treasures I tucked away there.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Virtual Surprise Party

                                                            Amy's B-Day wish to our agent & friend Laurie!

I am a creative soul, but I think even I have outdone myself with this one. It all started when my agent and friend Laurie was approaching her 40th birthday and a few of us who adore her wanted to do something special. Problem was that we are all scattered throughout the country, it was the holiday season, for many of us money is tight... so how could we make her day special and overcome these obstacles?

And then it hit me... what do people really want for their birthdays (this actually applies for any occasion)? They want heart felt acknowledgment and warm fuzzies from those they love. So I came up with the idea of throwing her a Virtual Surprise Party. The idea is guests upload a video message (a gift if you will) to the birthday girl and on her special day she finds her party and it is all a delightful SURPRISE.
Here's how to throw one:
  • Open a YouTube account for the occasion. Signing up for an account is free and takes a mere minute. You can personalize the page if you'd like or customize it in any way that strikes you.
  • Guest list: come up with list of people you want to invite to the party. 
  • Invite: send a note to guests with the idea spelled out and the user name and password they'll need to sign into the YouTube account you created. (fyi: watch out for case sensitivity with sign on.)
  • Birthday Wishes: guests upload their videos on their own but make sure you or someone with experience can walk them through any issues. 
  • Timeframe: make sure to set a deadline for uploading at least a day before you want to launch the surprise. 
The Surprise: once the videos are uploaded its time for the exciting unveil. For our group we all started sending Laurie tweets (on Twitter) with a link to the site at a designated time on her birthday. She followed one of the links that took her to her YouTube channel and ... SURPRISE!

Talk about being surprised- she was. And the beauty of this event is that it was personal, fun, free, and something she can watch, share, and talk about for days (even months) to come.

I only wish I had come up with this idea before two ill friends passed away last year- it would have been nice to have a lovefest party for people that are too sick to have visitors.

The Virtual Surprise Party- you should throw one yourself. It was at least as much fun to have one as to recieve it. Let me know if you host one yourself, and if you'd like to check out Laurie's CLICK HERE

Friday, January 1, 2010

Me Mapping into 2010


I have spent the last several years doing the same thing on New Year's Day: completing the prior year and creating what I would like to bring into the next. I created a tool in 2002 I call Me Mapping that allows me to map out my life and serves as a visual inventory of where I am. My theory is that we never really know what our lives are about until we take a good look at them (preferably on paper).
     It was Socrates that said:
The unexamined life is not worth living.
A little dramatic I'll grant you, but taking a look at our lives up-close and on paper really brings new insight into how we are spending our time, what is important (and what's not), and how much we have to be grateful for.
     The neat thing about having made this a yearly ritual is when I bring out last years map and see where I have come- noting the progress and the achievements I've made in the past year. I write and draw all over the map so I can see what I have actual worked on and by the time I'm finished it's my own little piece of Joy Art.
     After I have documented everything of interest in the previous year, I declare that year "complete" and move on to sketching out what I would like to bring into the new year. I get giddy letting my mind wonder and dream of the people, places, opportunities, and adventures I want to attract in the year ahead. Do I always achieve all that I put on the paper, no... but I achieve more than I ever thought I could. And as fast as the years go by, it's meaningful that I now have a collection of maps showing what I have accomplished.
     I like my method but anything that gets you to examine your life is a 10 in my book. Here's wishing you an amazing year to come!