Sunday, May 30, 2010

Inspire It Forward!

I was living my life purpose this week, which is to be Solar: light myself up with enough knowledge and inspiration to hopefully touch others with my energy. It took me a long time to realize I can only change myself and not others and the same goes with inspiration.

We can't inspire others, we can only absorb inspiration and inspire ourselves and sometimes that rubs off and inspires others. Four people told me something I did inspired them this week. One story I can share is the loop of inspiration with Keith Ferrazzi. Keith is the author of Never Eat Alone & Who Got You Back, both books that have inspired me. I have been author-stalking Keith for a while now and the other day he sent out a tweet about one of his followers who wrote an article about letting everyone you know know that you are in job search. So I decided to follow his advice and let him know about my Joyful Job Bounty. To my delight he retweeted my info and added "How clever!"

Well clever is as clever does, so after he kept promoting his upcoming Relationship Mastery Academy program I asked if he would take me on as a member on scholarship and if his techniques worked I would gladly repay him (plus match a donation to his favorite charity). He loved the idea of a scholarship program for those in job search and offered a 50% scholarship (need some skin in the game) to me and 9 others (apply if you'd be interested).

Here is the thing: he inspired me > I inspired him > he is inspiring me again (along with others who are inspired by the tweets and scholarships offered).

Lesson learned: don't focus on inspiring others. Focus on inspiring yourself and living fully self-expressed in that inspiration, and you will inspire others by example. Nothing pays-it-forward more than lighting ourselves up and in doing so we... Inspire It Forward!

06/02/10 UPDATE: And the inspiration continues to flow... see Keith's mention of me in his blog > 
02/01/2011 UPDATE: I am now working for Keith! I am the Community Manager for his Business Relationship Masters Academy... life is weird and wonderful J

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Live The JOY


Two weeks ago I am talking to my agent about my new book, and she starts to tell me what needs to be changed, added, flushed out... ugh! It's not that I don't value her opinion (she's brilliant) but I thought I was finished with it and I wanted to move on to the next step. SMACK! That is what I want to do in my whole life. Learn something, move on. Finish a project, what's next?

I hate the concept of everything being a "process". I like to finish things, celebrate the win and then move to next thing. I think I got that from grade school where you finish a grade get your report card, play for the summer and then with new school supplies in hand start the next one. Clearly I am not good in limbo.

After these notes from her I realized I was not being very joyful, as a matter of fact I was a bit of a brat. And that's when it hit me... how can I write a book about Finding Joy when I am not living it every day. Sure the inspiration of the book is the transformation I underwent when I was in the worst time of my life and how I got my life out of that ditch. But I am not truly living my message fully if I really think about it. I found the formula for Joy, but I haven't been practicing the hard grit work of living in Joy.

So, I am going to practice what I preach. I am going to be Finding Joy in my life, and I would like you to come along. The basis of my Me Mapping technique that the book is based on is to diagram out your life and to pick something to declutter in your life, something to engage with or enhance and something to be grateful for. I use the Circle of Joy graphic above to illustrate how momentum can build in our lives when we continuously:
 -     declutter  
+     engage   
☺   appreciate  

This being May 1st what a great time to start living the life I am committed to. Here is some of what I will be working on in the next month: I will be 
 -       decluttering my office of all unnecessary paperwork 
+      engaging with my physical fitness in the form of exercising/body work daily
     personally thanking someone for their contribution in my life weekly

What would you like to transform in your life? Pick 3 things to work on and let me know how it is going for you. Where and how are you Finding Your Joy?