Friday, March 26, 2010

JOYFUL JOB BOUNTY... Who's Got My Back?!

As of April 1st I will be available for my next adventure, so I was contemplating the smartest and most efficient way to find a new gig. Sure, I have some ideas and strategies up my sleeve (honestly a few things I've already tried that haven't bloomed yet) but it occurred to me I don't know everyone I need to know to land one of my ideal jobs today. And frankly it is too tough out there and I am too impatient to not give my destiny a big push.

Then it hit me, I have an amazing agent that landed me my fabulous first book deal, why not enlist an agent to find me a great gig? Better yet, why not enroll the people who know me and already think I'm brilliant and create an army of agents out there all touting me at once?

Keith Ferrazzi is a business thought leader and author and his big idea is that no one can get to their greatness alone. We all need to ask for and provide help to each other if we want to truly succeed in life. And he is right. Sometimes I have a hard time asking for help because I like to think of myself as the helper. But when I turn it around, I am actually helping people help me! Yah that's the ticket, I can still be a helper and give the gift of letting others know how valuable and amazing they are. It's a win-win!

And that is how the JOYFUL JOB BOUNTY was hatched. I came up with the idea of letting others help me find a company/ client/ project that could use my help and in return I'll reward them with a lucrative 10% bounty. Actually that makes this a win-win-win!

My end goal is to find a gig that is a fit for me, and spread the karma by sharing my good fortune with those who helped me land the opportunity. If you would like to play, I would love to have you on my team.  Check out for details.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'd Like To Thank... And You?

For the last couple of years the Academy Awards has had a segment where prior to the award being given the Best Actor and Actress are acknowledged by a tribute from one of their peers. This is one of my favorite parts of the show. Only one out of those five nominees is going to win the Oscar but to get a gushing minute tribute in front of the world- well, that's a pretty nice consolation prize.

This leads me to my Oscar Challenge: write your speech and find a way to give it. As an author I got to write an acknowledgment page in the back of my book and for my next book I'll get to do it again. But, there is no reason everyone can't do one. Why should you "waste" your time? First, it is fun and heart warming to think about who means enough in your life to be thanked. Second, what is a greater gift to give than to acknowledge people that make your life what it is?

Give it at the next family dinner, when you are out for burgers with your friends, your next business conference, write a blog about it, or a LinkedIn recommendation for someone.  Or go one step further and put it out in the Universe that you will win an award some day and use it as motivation to propel yourself into that situation (maybe it isn't an Oscar, but in some field that you are extraordinary in). Golly even just write it out and send in a letter. If you struggle to write it, maybe you need to take that as hint that it's time to attract more thank-worthy people into your life or simply stop being so stingy with your praise.

Either way, thank someone whether it is heard by millions or just them- it truly is golden.