Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy YOU Year!

I love the start of the year... ah, the clean page of a new calendar and the fresh possibilities in a just created map of the year to come!

In 2007 Oprah and Jerry Seinfeld were chatting about life and he said something that made a big impression on her: It's yours to design. I love this statement because it goes so nicely with this time of year and my strong belief in mapping out our lives.

We can use our power and brilliance to design a life we would love and an attitude we can embrace to live into it. Will it always work out? No, but more times then not it will at least make us happier along the way.

Whatever you want for yourself this year map it out, put it on your radar, discuss it with others, work towards it, sacrifice for it.... and you'll see much of it start to show up.

You deserve a great year so go create one for yourself!

Wishing YOU a joyous New Year! :)

[Highly recommend mapping your year using the above technique asap... but if you'd rather do it with others come join me on January 11th and we'll create your year together.]

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Joy of Disco ♬

I've been known to on occasion break into some dance moves when the music hits me and there is no doubt that a little Disco on a drive with the windows open can rearrange your mood in an instant... so why do we wait till a wedding or it is forced upon us?

Anytime you're feeling funky you need to get your funk on and that is why I went to great pains to track down the disco-mirrored ornaments and will be giving them to my friends as this year's Christmas gift. I'm requesting they keep them up all year long and that I might be calling to check in and disco with them at anytime.

Don't wait to get down on it.... a little music, 60 seconds, and a few moves and I promise JOY will come to you :)

Happy Holidays and may the beat be with you!