Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's All About The Conversations We Have (or Don't)

I was at an impressive cocktail party a week ago and the question of what do you do? got me tongue-tied like it never has before. Because I don't really consider myself a writer, even though I've written a book; not really a consultant, even though I help people with business projects; not really a coach, even though I lead monthly workshops. And now by-golly I was really stuck because the project I've been working on about end-of-life choices, called Uthanasia, is not exactly a book but an idea I'm putting forward with no expectations.

So what's with that? Well I think I've kinda narrowed down what I do on the eve of starting on a new project and distributing the latest one... I help people look at their lives and then have valuable conversations about what's important to them.

Life (ME Mapping), death (My Last Wishes... & Uthanasia), business (JOY TH!NK). To me there is nothing more important then knowing what our lives are about and then having the conversations with those we love about what's important to us. And the difference between having and not having the conversations is not only about our happiness, our businesses, our relationships, they're also life and death. No really!

So that's what I'm about and this is the next conversation I want to share with you...

Uthanasia: A Good Ending.