Saturday, March 26, 2016

March DADness

Quick question: Have you spent more time this week following your team's progress, your candidate's, or your kid's?

I mention this because the news, social media, and overheard conversations lead one to believe that sports and politics are the only thing adults have to focus on in their non-work hours. Sure it's way easier to divert our attention with mindless competition then to tackle the really hard work of coaching our kids to the success we really want them to have. But tough!

This is a sexist assumption so feel free to reverse if it doesn't match your situation but I'm going to go out on a limb and presume that most mothers do the bulk of the logistical and physical work to take care of the kids. This leaves fathers in the "supporting" role and I think that it's time to change that.

I'm not a huge sports fan-- truth be told I only like sports when I can be at a game and when there is an event that is centered around one-- but I do know many men who spend more time watching, bracketing for, and betting on sports then they do directly interacting with their children. And it makes me very sad :(

So how can that be turned around?

Make it more fun and PLAYFULLY competitive to get more involved with our kids. Daddy Up!

Some ways to make Daddying more sporty:

  • Engage more with Teammates (other parents and your kid's friends)
  • Strategize with other Coaches (teachers and coaches)
  • Make Game Plan by mapping out what you'd like them to excel at this season ->
  • TEAM DADDY: take on fatherhood with fun and excitement (get a family/team logo, mascot, color, cheer) 

Kids are exhausting and often annoying and a huge amount of work just to keep their basic needs covered. But they can also be the most fun, most rewarding, and best investment of our time. Turn Daddying into a sport that you invest your time in and the wins will be so worth the bet :)