Friday, December 8, 2023

Going to Hell 🔥

I recently had a very heartbreaking conversation with one of my closest friends. It was the second time one of my besties had told me that I was going to Hell. Not in the angry way like... go to Hell. But in that because I don't believe in Jesus as my lord and savior I, and anyone else who doesn't accept this, was going to end up there. 

I do genuinely love them for their concern for my soul and honestly if you truly believe that and you're not trying to warn the people you love, I think that makes you a sucky friend.

But, no matter how much I'd like to believe in an entity that is looking over and taking care of me and when I die I go to a magical place where I'm reunited with the ones I love, I just can't. And if you know how much I love Ted, you know I would do anything to have this be true. 

Actually what's more upsetting to me then going to Hell is worshipping a God that would create and send his people to be tortured for eternity- that guy sounds like a real meanie. He's so narcissistic and delicate that if you don't worship him and praise him he punishes you forever? He creates the game of life where to whom and the place you're born dictates access to him? 

Sick children. That's my proof there isn't a personal God. 

Believers say it's because our society has done something to warrant this or that God works in mysterious ways that are beyond our comprehension. To that I say, hmm... well if He makes it so hard to understand and comprehend him it's clearly his bad design and fuzzy communication that is the issue. 

I'm normally to each his own, but I must say I kinda take it personally that people I love would worship an entity that is going to be torturing me. Ok, I haven't been a saint so maybe me... but children? For eternity?! Maybe I'm just being too sensitive 🤔 but really????

I believe in kindness. I believe in doing the right thing because it's easier to live in one's own skin when we are nice for no other reason than it's a more pleasant way to be in the world.

What do you believe in... a God that could heal children and doesn't? A God that makes praise of him mandatory for salvation? For me, I have to believe if there was an Almighty Loving God then he would heal children and would never send them to Hell because of something that had nothing to do with them- for that would be sick and evil, amiright?!

So this holiday season, maybe instead of giving to your church or house of worship may I suggest you take this as a sign ✨ and join me in giving to St. Jude's instead. Yes, I know the irony 😉  but this is an organization trying to cure children's cancer (Danny Thomas loved St Jude, but it's not a Catholic hospital) and I think those doctors, nurses and scientists are the ones we should actually be giving praise to. 

Joy to You and all you love

Sunday, August 6, 2023

You Could Be My Silver Spring

Last night I went to see a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and even though not the real thing they were fantastic and when it got to this song I got the chills like I always do when hearing it. Even before I knew what the lyrics meant I loved it. But let's take a minute to explore the genius of them... 

Before Taylor Swift was even born Stevie Nicks was writing about her ex and bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. And as if it's not hard enough to witness a gifted songwriter put your relationship on paper and hear it on the radio... imagine having to then sing the words to her

You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves youTime cast a spell on you, but you won't forget meI know I could've loved you, but you would not let me
I mean, brutal!

The term came from when she saw an exit sign while driving for Silver Springs Maryland. She liked the sound of it and thought: it sounded like a pretty fabulous place to me. And 'You could be my silver springs', that's just a whole symbolic thing of what you could have been to me.

That's what is so evocative about the song and the idea: what someone could have meant to us if they would have let us love them. 

One of the hardest and I think saddest parts of a life is not having things come together like we hope they could. Timing, communication, stubborn pride.. oh, what might have been casts a spell and haunts us. 

I hope we all find our Silver Spring and it's a fabulous place/time where we don't have to imagine but can live the love that is meant for us. And let this serve as a reminder that it's better to have fully tried and given into love. And if it's not meant to be then we had the strength to clean it up instead of never being able to get away from the wo/men who loved us.  

Rock on Stevie 🤘

[And before we feel too bad for Lindsey ... he returned the favor with Go Your Own Way. These two 🙄 ]

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Slap, Slap... STOP! Creator: Kevin Mazur | Credit: WireImage

Words are not violence. But boy, did Chris Rock use them to hurt last night!

Chris closed his Netflix special by finally addressing the Will Smith slap and as expected from a comic master he knew where to land a punch. It was brutal. He took on Will, Jada and ended with a swipe at Will's family situation- both his marriage and how he was raised by his parents. 

It was a masterful use of language and comedic timing but all I could think was that amount of anger is a sign that while his face may have healed his emotions are as raw and bruised as they were a year ago. 

Will was clearly wrong. Jada was not helpful. Chris not always an angel himself.

While fans of each are now taking sides I can't help thinking: make it STOP!!

These are good people who let things get out of hand. And yes, Will was definitely the asshole that night, but he has also apologized publicly as well. Not saying Chris should forgive someone who hit him- no one should have to forgive an abuser. But look at what these three humans use to bring out in each other: laughter and love.

It's just beyond sad that hurt lead to more hurt. 

It's Will's responsibility to make this right since it was his temper that lead to the violence. Saying you're sorry is not enough for causing physical harm to another person. He is worth an estimated $350M. Maybe a big chunk of that should be his penance. Offer Chris $25M and see if that takes away not just the sting but helps demonstrate that Will values him and knows what he did was real damage to not just his person but his wellbeing and pride. And maybe then Chris could use a big chunk of his big chunk to sponsor a Boys & Girls Club. 

Not to Oprah-fy everything, but this could have really been an opportunity to show how two men who have both had been bullied growing up can settle their differences and repair damage they received and then created in their lives. After all, Chris had done an amazing job talking about the harm he caused cheating on his wife. His Tamborine special was a brave and enlightened way to share what he learned about marriage. What could these three have created to make a difference in our messed up world?!

It wasn't done to me, but I am nonetheless sad that two of my favorite entertainers are putting more hate and slaps out for us to witness. Don't like it and would really really like it to stop  🥺    

Monday, January 2, 2023

Theme 2023

Being isolated on and off for the last couple years made people crave being close, yet we were all a little rusty with our social skills. So while it was great to be with people, I still found things to be kinda... surfacey.

This year I want to get DEEP with people and myself. And not like tell me about your childhood deep-- just not shallow, small talk, busy making. I was also reminded while visiting my family in Florida over the holidays that low-tide leaves things mucky and to get to calm and clear you need to go deep into the water and away from the choppy surface 🌊

So that's where I hope to spend 2023... in deep conversations, in deep thought, in deep work, in deep love! Even if it's just dating with an openness to not be stingy and closed off from the possibility of all the ways love can show up in our lives or checking in with friends and getting to the core of how they really are doing not just the pleasantries. 

What about you? 

Come join in if you haven't created your year yet and check out past themes if you want to get some inspiration. And remember: there is no right way to create a theme or year- you do you!

Cheers to 2023 🎊🥂 and all the DEEP JOY that can be for YOU and for ME 🤗

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Creating YOUR Year ... 🎊 🖌️

2022 was good (and Happy Happy) ... but I believe 2023 is going to be even deeper, richer and more ME! Hope the same for YOU!!

Happy Mapping and Cheers to a DEEP & JOYFUL 2023