Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Zen Diaries: Garry's Gift

As I do each year around this time I was contemplating my theme for 2020-- wanted something worthy of the new decade and the happiness I want to create. At the same time Judd Apatow has been promoting his new book: It's Garry Shandling's Book. And while I haven't yet read the book it reminded me of how much I loved, loved, loved the documentary: The Zen Diaries Of Garry Shandling.

You don't have to like Garry or even comedy to get something profound from the life he lived. It's really more of an exploration of the human condition: how we carry wounds around with us throughout life; how loss and betrayals can make us both mentally and physically ill; how friends can be our family; and how even if you find the answer to a happy life you have to actively practice that knowledge to get to the joy.

Judd did an absolutely amazing job putting this film together and because he loved Garry, but also wanted to show him raw as well, you get to see so much of what leads to success, what tortures someone who has it all, and what goes unsaid- which is stingingly tragic. Garry left behind some brilliant comedy but I believe this portraiture of him as a man- faults, neuroses and all- is his greatest gift. 

This is one of Garry's notes that Judd had shared on social media that I remind myself of often, so this year it helped me pick my theme:

Must LET GO of ALL attachment to life, to good & bad... JOY Only

Garry lived a remarkable life and he left us words to practice by. Thank you, Garry. 
And for sharing so generously your friendship and love for Garry: Thank you, Judd. 

May our lives be a beautiful practice of JOY Only in to this new decade ahead!