Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Pope that Saved the Planet

I, like most people, don’t like being upset all the time, my natural state is- 

wait for it...    Joy!

So as with many of us, the last 4 years have frayed my nerves to the point of crispy 😣. What’s been most upsetting in 2020 is watching folks let our country divide itself instead of pulling together. I mean I get it everyone's passions are running high, patience running low... but it is so self-destructive.


Now normally when it comes election time I encourage my friends and family to vote and try to make it light and fun by talking about my love for voting stickers. They might infer my leanings but I rarely come out and say who I think folks should vote for because usually it's none of my business. 

This year of course was different and I felt for many reason that I needed to take a stand

Not long after, a close friend called me to get advice on how I was dealing with our mutual friends who are Conservatives. I confessed I had been avoiding them. She wasn't the first to raise this concern in our group of friends but I was at a loss. 

Couple days later I realized I was being a hypocrite and a coward by not sharing with these dear friends of over 30 years how I felt; not to change their vote per se, but to share what was going on with me and that many of us who they care about are upset over this president. It did not go well. 

Received a curt text back from one of the two ending our friendship declaring that pro-life was the main thing they vote on (although there was more said, it is unimportant here) and she and her neighborhood friends would be gladly voting for Trump. 


At first I was hurt and then mad and then I got a pit in my stomach that this is happening all over America, probably the world. People who are normally rational loving people are letting this one topic divide them because it is so polarizing. (Would this Catholic suburban mom really be voting for a thrice wife-cheating, vulgar, showman like Trump if not for the judges?) 

I could not let it go. I know, I know this is an issue for me- but hear me out because it might have ironically been a sign leading me to a solution to it all...

As an aside, this situation came along at the time of the year when the MacArthur Genius fellowship awards are announced. Each year for at least a decade my best pal Vickie and I always send each other the announcement with a:

Can't believe it wasn't our year.

We joke about the mystery behind how they are selected and how we really do need to do more to save the world. I mean shouldn't we all?!

So while stewing on the state of the world and contemplating how we are ever going to recover in the US from this chaos of such divided politics, 

I pondered and mapped out what would really make a difference: 

What could save the world? 

How could I help it along?

Well as often happens, the solution hit me in the middle of the night...

The #1 thing dividing US politics is the issue of abortion

The #1 global threat is climate change

The #1 cause of suffering in the world is poverty

What one thing could begin to solve these 3 major problems?

Well, I won't spoil it for you but I figured it out and this slidedoc outlines what I believe could make the biggest difference in solving our divide, easing poverty and saving the planet.

If after you read it you are nodding your head and thinking ~ 

By golly, Joy you are a genius! 

please do find a way to get word to the Pope and the MacArthur folks... 

because I would really like to be able to save the world 🌎and beat Vickie to it! 😜 

[Timing note: I have been working on this project for weeks, Vickie helped me with final edits Monday, and I uploaded it Tuesday night. I had been waiting to finish this post when the I woke up Wednesday morning to an announcement on the Pope's view regarding gay civil unions. So for folks thinking this proposal seems preposterous- I say who knows we might be days away from it coming true- one can always hope! 🙏 ]