Monday, January 27, 2014

Theme It If You Mean It!

Companies have logos, schools and sports teams uniforms and mascots, countries flags... they pick something to stand for what they're trying to showcase. Why not you?!

Each year I choose a word(s), and for the last few years a color, to represent the year ahead and I encourage the Mappers who take my workshop to do the same when they're creating theirs. I got the above picture from a friend who was at the January workshop and she chose Vitality and the color Violet for her 2014 theme. She was excited to show me how these shoes represent what she is creating for herself this year. Would she have gotten some new shoes anyway? Maybe, but when we theme projects and endeavors I think we give them an extra kick (pun intended).

Another friend/Mapper is going with the theme: Faith, Friends, Fun, Fitness with the color Fuchsia. They both picked colors that had same letter as their words (mine doesn't) but to get into having a theme for your year I highly recommend having a word and color that you love together.

Mapping out our year is by far the most important step but after you know what you want why not summarize it in a word and color and then get out there and go create an amazing 2014!

My color:                                         What's yours?
Fuchsia Rose for 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Vicarious Joy :)

Andy & Seth at Golden Globes 
Don't you want to be friends with Seth Meyers? I totally do- he's adorable! It warmed my heart yesterday to see how happy he was for his SNL buddy Andy Samberg's Golden Globe. He's giddy with glee at his friend's win and don't we all want friends that are this happy for our successes?

Mudita is the Buddhist word for experiencing joy for other people's good fortune or happiness. Love the word, love the sentiment, and I try and selfishly feel it as often as I can because it's truly the joy-multiplier. Feeling happy when something good happens to us is natural but feeling genuine joy for others can sometimes be difficult. Competitiveness, jealousy, and even indifference can creep in... even with people we love.

But the beauty of mudita is you can share in other's joy by living vicariously through their happiness. Being truly excited for another's success rubs good karma and joy on to us. And when it's our turn more than likely that good vibe we put out for them will come back around. Even if it doesn't, it's a way more fun way to travel through life. Seth looks pretty happy, right?!

So let's get happy for others and feel their joy- it's Golden!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year of Areté!


This year's theme is: Areté!

Basically it is defined as the act of living up to one's full potential. Achievable? Well it isn't about the destination it is about the act of living and expanding our potential everyday. I've noticed I've been improving my life, but inch by inch... this year I'm going to challenge myself to jump in and go full force. Feel free to call me on it when I'm not bringing my Areté to the party :)

What's yours?

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