Sunday, November 10, 2013

Save ThankingsGiving~ Stop With All The Stuff-ing!

Outraged! Outraged I tell you!!!

I spent my holiday breaks in college waitressing at a country club which included serving Thanksgiving dinners instead of partaking in the turkey and trimmings. I didn't mind horribly because I still got to see families, even if they weren't my own, enjoying a dinner together. And yes the time-and-a-half pay made me thankful for sure. It's a given that some folks will always work on Thanksgiving to help serve others whether it be at restaurants or movie theaters; but this year stores including Macy's, JC Penneys, and Target are opening on Thanksgiving to offer discounted shopping- WTH?!!!

Macy's I expected more from you... you owned the goodwill of this holiday and are now throwing it away. For goodness sake what would giant Snoopy say?

To open at 8am, then 6am, then 3am was crazy enough but at least is was technically after Thanksgiving. But shopping on Thanksgiving should consist of running out to get more stuffing not more stuff!

We as a country take one day a year to be thankful for what we already have and now folks want to spend the day getting more stuff that they don't already need. To me this is crazy and a sign we have tainted my favorite holiday.

Let's put aside that most Americans are in more debt then we can handle and focus on the fact that if we can't spend time enjoying the company of friends and family we can at least not clutter our lives with more stuff we do not need. Discounted or not. Gifts or not.

We spend a fortune renting storage spaces, upsizing our housing, working to buy the latest all through the year. This is the one day we should stop stuffing our lives with stuff and give thanks for the people and lives we have. And if we have situations were family and friends are not nearby then it is a great day to help serve the less fortunate and remember how lucky we are.

Sorry for the sermon-- but boy every time Christmas promoting gets earlier in the year I get annoyed; each time I see people, and now kids, focused more on their devices then each other my heart sinks; I refuse to willingly sit silent while stuff takes over ThanksGiving!

I beg of you all, don't give in: make yourself a Thanksgiving List and please, please put down the shopping list!