Saturday, January 16, 2021

When I'm Right, I'm Right! Except... For When I'm Wrong.

One of my favorite things ever is being right about something. I mean I LOVE being right! I have lots of opinions and let's just say when I take a stand I'm right much of the time. 

Now part of the reason for this is because I like reading about an array of various topics and I've studied a good deal of self-help and had loads of therapy so I've honed my senses and understanding of human behavior. And because I also don't like to be wrong, I usually only spout off about things I feel like I know; otherwise I tend to be inquisitive of why someone is saying something or I look it up. That's the only way to play fair. If you like it when you're right (and don't deny it you like it too! πŸ˜‰) you have to admit when other people are right and you are wrrrrong. 

So as I've been pacing myself and spending a good deal of sparkle time in the beginning of the year, I was hoping I was right again that Trump would finish his grift for money ($500M+) objecting to the election results and then reluctantly concede, take a bow on getting the vaccine out and would start his next bid for attention on some cable station. But I was WRONG!

Last week's insurrection was a disgusting display of mob behavior but even more upsetting was that every American, including our legislators and his advisors, didn't immediately get Trump to leave office. Nixon's acts were dishonorable but to foment violence against his own VP and elected officials and our very elections as they were being certified is next level bullshit!

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Of course not every person who voted for Trump is a nut or should be lumped in with those terrorist that stormed the Capitol, not even all the MAGAs that attended the earlier rally. But anyone who is not currently speaking up against Trump's big lie is now responsible for anything else that comes in the days ahead.  

Listen, I know it is heartbreaking to have a person you looked up to come out from behind the curtain and not be who he sold the public he was. Myself, I was wrong about Charlie Rose- who I admired and watched for decades. I talked about him all the time and would have vowed he was a decent man. Another one that hurt was that I was wrong regarding my adoration for Louis CK... sure this one was a bit more obvious- my bad! But nonetheless when it was clear I was wrong I said it. Not just to my friends but here where I touted my love in the first place. I tried to clean up my mess, mitigate my wrongness.  

The only way to halt this nationwide divide and destruction and protect our country in the next few days, weeks and years is to speak the truth and undo whatever damage we've done.

If you quietly, privately voted Trump I guess just do better next time researching your choice (his lies and damage were clearly visible) but for the rest--- anyone who publicly spouted off about Trump needs to with same volume, vigor and verve speak out on how: he is lying about the election being stolen; that he was wrong to rile up a crowd then send them after Congress/VP; and that he was derelict in duty to not get National Guard in to help them immediately. Then state he is now unfit for office. 

The ratio of regret needs to be equal to the denial and harm caused by those who stood by party over country; was OK with tax-cuts and judges while ignoring kids in cages and the lies and dishonor he brought to the office; and thought owning your annoying lib relatives and ex-friends was worth siding with racists, a pussy-grabber and the incompetents Trump surrounded himself with who would not speak truth to nor for him.   

When The Daily Show can summarize the buildup of this looming destruction in a few minutes it's hard to say no-one saw this coming πŸ˜’ 

Our fellow-citizens, the world and for goodness sake our children are watching this. Own what we've contributed to this mess and let's get America back to where we are arguing about the proper corporate tax rate and school funding not about tearing down our democracy. We are better than this! 

I am right about the United States of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 
... for our Founder's, let alone our sake, don't prove me wrong 🀨

Friday, January 1, 2021

THEME 2021


Both my sister and I have no biological children but our lives are filled with kids we adore which is how I came upon this year's theme. Years ago I was visiting her when she had some of her nieces/nephews over and when one started to throw a fit she in a very displeased manner (ala Tom Hanks': there's no crying in baseball) said: there is no whining at Auntie Julie's houseAnd this kid looked at her and stopped his tantrum immediately. 

Since I can't pull off her tone with the same matter-of-factness she can I had to come up with my own re-direct. And since I also believe it is healthy to let everyone express themselves no matter their feelings I like to say: 

You can be sad or in a bad mood but you can't fling it at others. So sweetie, why don't you go take a minute and get a few fresh breaths outside or read in your room or pet the dog and take some time to sparkle yourself up and then come back as your wonderful self. 

Sparkle Time is when we take time to rejuvenate ourselves when we are not at our best. It is the ME time to do whatever we need to make our interactions with others more productive and loving and true to who we are. 

Let's face it none of us were at our best in 2020. Even the super heroic nurses, doctors, teachers and essential workers -not to mention parents- were exhausted and numb and not giving off sparkly vibes at all times. 

So I am taking whatever portion of 2021 it will take to get back to myself and be ready to be in the world at my best. Besides, I anticipate 2022 is going to be roaring and I want to be ready. πŸ˜œ

Sleep, inspiring project work, nutrition, reading, movement to strengthen my body, mind and soul. Whatever it takes to get my spark back. 

Afterall, Sparking Joy is what we want in our lives 🌟

Cheers to 2021 🍸 🎊 and whatever makes you *Sparkle* with JOY! 😊