Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wildest Dreams Club

When Oprah's show was ending I wrote her a letter about her part in inspiring me to get my book deal and how instead of a book club I wanted to start a:

Wildest Dreams Club 

After I wrote about it in a blog post I began asking my friends on their birthdays what their wildest dream was... trust me you don't know your friends fully until you know their wildest dreams!

Why must you have a wildest dream in the first place? Because people who live through their kids are boring and set a horrible example to the exact kids they are trying so hard to raise. Parenting is important, I would even say it's the most important life's work a person can take on, but that said, it can't be the only thing someone does. If you are only living through someone else's dream you are letting a part of yourself die and someday you'll regret it- no matter how perfect your kids turn out. And this is true for only living for your work as well if it's simply a paycheck and not something that brings out your passion.

Not only does living into a dream make you more excited about your own life it adds a new dimension to your relationship. People want to be inspired and proud of their partners, and only talking about and making time for the kids and work is not the most engaging way to connect with your love. Very little is good about divorce but a great after-effect that can be practiced, even (especially) while in a happy marriage, is taking some time out for oneself. Don't wait until you have an empty nest or weekend visitation breaks to work on something that excites you. It doesn't need to be completely world changing it could be a great garden, running a race, taking up painting, travel-- who cares, just find something that you can have passion about and that you can dream and live into.

One of my dreams is to be around people that are enlivened to actively work on their dreams. I believe the old adage is true: you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. And I want my sum to include people who are leading interesting engaged lives and inspire me to live my best life.

So I'm excited to announce I am hosting my first Wildest Dreams Club dream-together on April 20th. It is by invite only for the people who have done the CREATING2013 workshop. If interested please register and I'll contact you with details (past participants already have received invites). For dates & details of future events see workshop information.

Now you might not live near me or want (for some odd reason) to attend the workshop- no worries, start your own club. Get together people you think will be supportive of others, have some chutzpah, and have a dream of their own. Meet regularly, declare your dreams, see how you can assist each other and build into it anything else you think will make it your own. (Love to hear about it if you do!)

Life goes by so fast, and there are so many things that can bring us down... living into our dreams, even if it takes us a lifetime, is well worth the time and energy spent.

Happy -and Wild- Dreaming!!!

Overwhelmed at the thought of creating a WILD dream? Feel free to start here:

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