Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hair is Everything!

2020 has been one crazy year! Geez I mean 6 months 😏 

Heck, don't need to tell you- you know you've been living it too. I mean my goodness. So a couple of weeks ago when I decided I needed a change I went blonde. 

Been having a little bit of an identity crisis ever since. Every time I walk into the bathroom or pass a mirror I scare myself a little. Who is this stranger I'm living with? I know that sounds bizarre but being a brunette was part of my identity. My hair use to match my clothes, my jewelry, my makeup and my personalty. 

Of course I've been pacing myself so I was talking with my friend Vickie about how it feels strange and I might need to switch back after the summer because it so doesn't feel like me. And I made the mistake of off handedly saying luckily my hair grows fast and it's never freaked me out to try different looks-- who cares it's just hair. Ha! She immediately reminded me: Hair is everything! 

If you want to change your life, change your life.  
It's not going to happen in here.         

Ah, Anthony, true so true! Well kind of...

Because yes, hair can't change everything in your life, but it can change some of your life. It can change a few things. It can change how you see yourself and be the catalyst to jump start the other things you want to change.

That is afterall the reason why when they do a TV makeover the most drastic change is the hair which then matches the new outfit which is then accentuated by the new makeup which leads to the new swagger and sway of a self confident awakening in someone who had been blind to their awesomeness and beauty.

We all get used to ourselves. Numb to our fabulousness. Dull.

I refuse to let a pandemic and our country in upheaval ruin my year or my decade to come. Yes, we need to wear a mask, re-educate ourselves in our use of antiracist rhetoric and actions, and gear up for a life-changing election... but we also need to reinvest in ourselves. Take this pause as a sign we might be in need of a change.

Hair is simple (ok, yes it did take 5 steps) and a fixable chance to take to tweak your life. To try on a new YOU. To see if there is a fresher, more joyful way to be in the world. And now is the time to go for it. Some Clairol and some nerve and voila!

As I had guessed this pause is going to be a bumpy ride and no one knows when we'll be fully open and operating at normal again. We will surely need to not just re-imagine ourselves but the world we go back into. It is scary but also an exciting time to explore what might be possible.

It's not time to sell everything and move to Walden Pond just yet... but why not take a chance now so that when things are more normal you at least experimented with a different way of being. Don't go back to same old, same old. That is so last decade.

What can you try on to mark this time of transition for yourself? What kickstart do you need to feel your best? Because darling... if you look good, you'll feel good and when you feel good you can do anything you set your mind to.
Even change this crazy, dysfunctional world... and that my dear is