Wednesday, April 3, 2013

That Is Not My Circus. Those Are Not My Monkeys!

Not my circus, not my monkeys is Polish (nie moj cyrk, nie moje malpyfor not my problem.

When is something our business and when are we the keepers of the monkeys? Quick answer: almost never our business, almost never our monkeys.

Have you ever been more invested in someone's problem then they even seem to be? I have and it's bananas! The better use of our time, energy, and focus is to worry about our own monkeys, our own circus goings on. Even with those closest to us, rarely is anything we say going to make a huge impact. People do what they want. So the key is to focus on ourselves and tend to our own business and tame our own monkeys.  

Worried about slacking off co-workers? Don't- that's not your monkey- just focus on making your work its best. Concerned how your siblings marriage is going? Not your monkey- your energy would be better spent engaging in your own relationship. Over-parenting your kids? Even when it comes to your own little monkeys it's better to show them by example how you: reach for your dreams, live up to your commitments, respect your body, treat your friends, etc. In this case: monkeys see, monkeys do.

It is often said if you want to be a better person help others-- I say work on ourselves first and then everyone we come in contact with benefits. Start under your own bigtop and dealing with your own monkeys and people will be inspired by the example you're setting. Or they won't and they'll continue to live in their drama... but either way you'll be happy with less circus-chaos and more peace with everyone keeping their monkeys to themselves.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent and will fast become a mantra with my children I am sure

Kay said...

You said it perfectly! So good and so true.