Sunday, December 1, 2013

Joy of Disco ♬

I've been known to on occasion break into some dance moves when the music hits me and there is no doubt that a little Disco on a drive with the windows open can rearrange your mood in an instant... so why do we wait till a wedding or it is forced upon us?

Anytime you're feeling funky you need to get your funk on and that is why I went to great pains to track down the disco-mirrored ornaments and will be giving them to my friends as this year's Christmas gift. I'm requesting they keep them up all year long and that I might be calling to check in and disco with them at anytime.

Don't wait to get down on it.... a little music, 60 seconds, and a few moves and I promise JOY will come to you :)

Happy Holidays and may the beat be with you!

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