Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't Live With Crusty Burners!

We think in life we need to make big sweeping changes to make us truly happy- and those are awesome and we should totally push ourselves to live into our BIG dreams- but sometimes it's the little things....

The shower curtain hook story I tell in my workshop is a favorite to many that hear it but since it entails some theatrics that are better to see live-- today I'll share a different one still in a similar vein. I have an old stove and every time I cooked I hated looking at the burner covers- no matter how "clean" they were they were old, rusty and crusty and seeing them just annoyed the heck out of me. I put up with them for years because I didn't really think through what another option would look like other than getting a new stove.

Well here I am teaching people they should declutter anything that isn't working in their lives and as I'm telling them I'm living with my own hypocrisy. Why am I putting up with such a small but deeply annoying thing in my life? So one afternoon I trek over to my local Lowe's and ask for help to see if I can get new burner covers- then buy recommended covers, only to get home to find they're not a fit :( But now I'm a woman on a mission, so online I go and within a short time the find correct ones on Amazon for under $15.

Now the entire thing took less than an hour total and less than $20 and I can not tell you how happy this little kitchen upgrade made me.

Point is: don't live an annoyed life. Fix the little things that bug you during your day. One of the free things that made my life so much easier years ago was placing a pretty glass dish by my door and putting my keys in there every time I enter my place. Simple and no more time suck and aggravation looking for keys before I leave the house.

It's Spring cleaning time so give yourself a real treat and get into the habit of once a week getting rid of one annoyance. I dare you to get creative to see if you can make it as quick, painless, and low cost as possible.

Decluttering the crusty burners of our day-to-day starts adding up to a happy life pretty quickly so start small and find the joy :)  

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