Friday, August 1, 2014

Active Gratitude Has Many Rewards $ :)

Being appreciative of our life and the people in it is great. What's even more powerful is active gratitude- for which I mean getting in action and thanking folks out-loud and through acts of acknowledgment.

Yesterday on Facebook two high school classmates of mine were posting things they were grateful for- not sure what sparked the posts but as an inspiration-junky I read along. Amy actually listed one of the happiness points in her day was when she found some cash for some friends and family members through ICash (an Illinois program for unclaimed property/$). She even posted the link and encouraged us all to check to see if our names were listed. Fast forward... I am now sending in for my $100+ lost dollars I didn't even know I had sitting on an old phone provider's account. 

Point is that if she would have not been counting her blessings and done it in a sharing way and gone the extra step of linking the info so we could play along I would not be rolling in the dough!

Cash is not the point though... last weekend I attended a wedding celebration for a dear friend and instead of just a simple thank you she wrote me a note about how much she loved what I had contributed to her day and the specific-ness of her appreciation made it worth so much more than a simple thank you. It was as though she had given me the gift.

So the next time you're feeling blessed - or even more importantly maybe when you're not - reach out and be actively grateful to someone and see what surprising ways you're rewarded. I'm sure your heart, and maybe even your wallet, will thank you. And isn't that what a rich life is all about?!     :)

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