Monday, August 3, 2020

What's Your Plan, Man?

President Trump tweeted last week again how the election is going to be fraudulent and that he is even open to discuss delaying the date from November 3rd.
Just inquiring right?

Nope! He has been doing everything he can think of to try and suppress the vote, slow the mail and sow distrust in the election.

It's SO serious that I am now doing what I wouldn't have even thought of before... I will give up in-person voting for mail-in voting. I was originally planning to vote early which I have done a couple of times but there has been a stress on in person voting with less poll workers available and who knows if the virus might flare up again in Illinois.

So yes, Joy Meredith is sacrificing my love of the voting sticker and the buzz of in-person-same-day-voting so that I can make sure my vote is in before November 3rd.

I have a plan to get my signed ballot hand delivered to a drop box the week I receive it. And I will be encouraging my friends and family to do the same.

Voting is not something I take lightly. It was something our forefathers fought a revolution over and our soldiers defend our rights to participate in to this very day.

If you've never voted before now is the perfect time to get registered and make your voice heard. There are very few requirements to be a decent citizen, voting is one of them.

I try very hard to live and let live. And even though I'm opinionated on many subjects I mostly feel like it's none of my business what other people choose to do. But this is different! This year, this election is the difference between getting a pandemic under control and letting ten of thousands more folks in our country die. I won't even harp on the kids in cages and assault on decency. But Trump is clearly not up to the job of running our country so we need to relieve him of that burden.

So what's your plan?

No seriously... What's your plan, man?!

Update 09.21.20: Since I wrote this post I re-evaluated the importance of having the votes tallied the night of Nov 3rd and since there was enough time for me to change my option I will now be doing early in-person voting when that begins in IL. Anyway you do it please make sure you have a plan and get your voted counted this year. Stay safe and healthy ✌📮! 

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