Friday, January 1, 2021

THEME 2021


Both my sister and I have no biological children but our lives are filled with kids we adore which is how I came upon this year's theme. Years ago I was visiting her when she had some of her nieces/nephews over and when one started to throw a fit she in a very displeased manner (ala Tom Hanks': there's no crying in baseball) said: there is no whining at Auntie Julie's houseAnd this kid looked at her and stopped his tantrum immediately. 

Since I can't pull off her tone with the same matter-of-factness she can I had to come up with my own re-direct. And since I also believe it is healthy to let everyone express themselves no matter their feelings I like to say: 

You can be sad or in a bad mood but you can't fling it at others. So sweetie, why don't you go take a minute and get a few fresh breaths outside or read in your room or pet the dog and take some time to sparkle yourself up and then come back as your wonderful self. 

Sparkle Time is when we take time to rejuvenate ourselves when we are not at our best. It is the ME time to do whatever we need to make our interactions with others more productive and loving and true to who we are. 

Let's face it none of us were at our best in 2020. Even the super heroic nurses, doctors, teachers and essential workers -not to mention parents- were exhausted and numb and not giving off sparkly vibes at all times. 

So I am taking whatever portion of 2021 it will take to get back to myself and be ready to be in the world at my best. Besides, I anticipate 2022 is going to be roaring and I want to be ready. 😜

Sleep, inspiring project work, nutrition, reading, movement to strengthen my body, mind and soul. Whatever it takes to get my spark back. 

Afterall, Sparking Joy is what we want in our lives 🌟

Cheers to 2021 🍸 🎊 and whatever makes you *Sparkle* with JOY! 😊

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