Friday, November 5, 2010

The Sanity Defense

Jon Stewart - Moment of Sincerity
Rally to Restore Sainty and/or FearThe Daily ShowThe Colbert Report

Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity last weekend was crazy! The music was great, the signs hysterical, the skits were decent enough... but the moment that really hit me was his Moment of Sincerity at the end. He spoke of how if we amplify everything, we hear nothing. How we might all hold different values but we can still live day to day with each other (because we already do). How is it that we are more civilized merging into traffic going through a tunnel then dealing with health care or our children's education? You go, then I'll go sounds pretty great to me; I'll even let you go first. 

I love Jon when he is on The Daily Show but I LOVE him when he is talking seriously about how pundits and cable news are a joke and hurting America. Politics has always been a messy business but when networks are dedicated to making it messier and profiting off the fear they stir up in people, it is beyond messy and just downright shitty!

When I voted this week I cast my votes, per usual, for mostly Ds but a R or two that I thought were doing a good job. And what I was most disappointed in was how politicians are already beginning 2012 positioning instead of saying: I better get to work and help these citizens that just elected/reelected me.

There are crazy people in the world (I believe Glenn Beck is one cry away from completely losing it) but what is insane to me are the people who watch him and get all filled with hate (this goes for people of the left as well) instead of saying: Ok, I believe that is a problem let's see what we can agree on as a workable solution

NRA members you want everyone armed; how about no assault weapons in cities and outlawing armor piercing bullets? Religious institutions you want tax free status; how about financial transparency and turning in your pedophiles? School unions you want more support and higher pay; how about not backing teachers that suck and actually earning tenure? There are few times when a society as large as ours is ever going to get more than 60% of its citizens to agree completely... but safe streets and safe, healthy, and educated kids seems like a good place to start.

I am all for outrage and strong debate but eventually we need to sit down and compromise to get things done. If that's not something people can agree upon I say we put them on the crazy-train out of town and work with the sane amongst us, no matter who they pulled the lever for.

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