Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Daughter Test

Ugh! It is hard to be non-judgmental of the judgmental. How can anyone be against equality for all?

This week the Supreme Court is hearing two issues that affect marriage equality and so many on Facebook and Twitter are using the above avatar to voice their support. I'm not sure there will be one ounce of sway touching the SCOTUS but I think it is important that people voice their support even so. 

I'm not married and am not planning on it anytime soon, but as a gal who likes to keep her options open I find it so odd that whether or not I could would hinge on who I love and where I lived. So I could fall in love and marry a man in Illinois but not a women in California?

Let's get back to the people who want to marry... why should someone who has benefited from marriage be able to tell others they can't? 

Last week Republican Senator from Ohio, Rob Portman, announced his support for marriage equality. He did this because his son Will came out to him two years prior and he had finally felt it was time to speak up on the topic. Sure, it's nice of Sen Portman to stick up for his son- even if it took him a few years and being bypassed as a VP candidate- but why shouldn't the test of passing laws be: how would you vote if it affected your daughter? And I use daughter on purpose because I wonder how many of the politicians now passing anti-abortion laws would prevent their daughters from having one in the case of rape. 

Do we really need to wait for our politics to become so personal? Let's instead consider healthcare, unemployment, rights to our bodies, equality, poverty, starting wars, etc. not as someone else's issues. Instead ask:
What would you do if it was your daughter? 
And then, act accordingly.

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