Friday, July 12, 2013

Clearing Clutter, Opening Spaces

I've been on a perpetual decluttering project for the last 5 years or so but I've really dug in as of late. Leading a workshop where I talk about sorting out what's working from what's not is confronting. I'm answering questions from participants about how to declutter their lives and so I want to practice what I preach.

Last weekend I went thru my office and got rid of 50 books, a fax machine, numerous electronic devices, and tons of paperwork. It's not where I want it yet but was thrilled that I finally broke a barrier of getting rid of things I once considered valuable. Loving books like I do they were really hard to part with so I had to ask myself what is more important: clear space to create or old books?

My other weakness is keeping sentimental items that were gifts from people I care about, especially items that came from people that are gone. But I have learned the best way to honor people's love and generosity towards me is to capture the sentiment in a photo and release the stuff to someone else who would benefit having it. And once I found a place by me Shelter's Inc, that helps children and teens in need I was happy to give them stuff I wasn't using.

We can't be our most powerful when we're weighed down by things that don't work for us. And we definitely can't welcome wonderful things and people into our lives if they're too full and we have no openings for them. Whether in our home, head, or heart we need to constantly keep clearing spaces for joyful things and people to show up.

Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with any area of my life I clear something out first and it gives me more room to breath and think more clearly. I usually hate making the time and pulling the trigger to get rid of something but feel amazing and free after.

Incase you're ready to join in... I learned Best Buy will recycle most electronics for FREE. Your local library will take most gently used books (mine actually doesn't use them they sell them to the public to raise funds). In last month's workshop someone was even wondering to do with her old fridge and luckily another Mapper shared that ComEd will not only come pick up old fridges for FREE they'll give you $35.

I can't tell you how awesome I feel having less clutter in my life and I will keep it up until I have only what I need and love surrounding me. Not totally there yet but I'm reciting: when in doubt throw it out. Now ironically or maybe not, I have also been eating less sugar and carbs in the last few months so I can't in any way show total correlation but as soon as I got serious about getting rid of stuff I have also dropped some lbs too!!!

What is weighing you down? Try 15minutes a week just gathering one type of item and getting rid of it. Life's too short to waste it dusting, moving, and caring for stuff we don't need or love.

Wishing you tons of open space and lots of love and wonderfulness left to enJOY!!

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