Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Coffee #17
Coffee is not my cup of tea. Most people I know enjoy coffee to varying degrees but I have never liked it and don't even enjoy the smell of it brewing. If I don't like coffee does that mean I should feel bad about it? Of course not. 

Same goes with people. I recently ended a longterm friendship with someone who I loved very much because I was not her cup of tea and instead of talking out our differences or respecting them she felt they were divisive and decided to check out of our friendship. (Don't worry she won't see this, she doesn't read my stuff.)

We can choose to be less of ourselves to not offend people, we can choose to blend in so everyone likes us, or we can just be ourselves and let the people who enjoy us be in our lives. And the thing is there isn't anything necessarily wrong with people who choose not to have Joy in their lives. It's ok, I'm just not their cup of tea. 

I like tea. I like me. I find being yourself is much less of a grind when you worry less about everyone liking you and more about people who do like you getting to enjoy the fully roasted, deep, and delicious YOU! :) 

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