Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have A Dream...

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and 50 years ago today gave the speech that he will be forever known for. I still get stirred and choked up hearing his words. The part that touches me most is while standing for a better world and equality for all he inspired others to dream a dream for their own lives.

My dream is that we don't simply survive our lives but that we all live into our dreams. I started hosting Wildest Dreams Club gatherings this year and they, along with my workshop, have already changed the lives of several of my friends and attendees. To me living into a dream coming true is an amazing gift and worthy of one's time and energy. Knowing others' dreams is an honor and privilege and helping them work at them is both exciting and addicting.

Through socialmedia many folks today have been sharing their dreams and they each give me a little chill: Maria Shriver- to end Alzheimers in her lifetime; Bill Gates- quality education for all children regardless of their zipcode; Dalai Lama- we come together in oneness of humanity and end war in this century. Are theses huge dreams, sure, but if we can fly through the air, land on the moon, cure polio, we can do anything.

A dream in our head is nice and maybe occasionally inspiring, but to live into our dreams we need to get them down, speak them to others- thus the Wildest Dreams Club- and be in action even if it is simply babysteps done over our lifetime.

My other dream is to turn ME Mapping into an app that people use like they would a calendar. When they are planning the day they reference their ME Map as a gauge and tool of living a great life. That folks feel working on their life gives them more power and appreciation for what they already have and vision for what they'd like to create.

Do our dreams need to be about world peace and saving the planet from pollution (Richard Branson's), no. My belief is that each person making their own life better and their own family, friends, business more joyful makes the world as a whole a better place. Having a smile on your face, letting someone merge in front of you in traffic, bringing your coworker a coffee all make mini-contributions that add up to a ripple of goodness. We don't need to be leaders, wealthy, famous, or have huge all consuming dreams to make a difference to the world. Even a little dream lived into creates a butterfly effect and changes the world, even if it is only in your little corner of it.

What is your dream? Do you know the dream of those closest to you? Are you teaching your children to have big meaningful dreams? Can you do one small thing today to help someone else get one inch closer to their dream?

To have a legacy of fighting for racial equality was a worthy use of MLKjr's life, what is a worthy use of yours?

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