Friday, August 16, 2013

Try Something New (Even If It's Blue)

My favorite colors for years were purple (80's) then forest green (90's) and then red for the millenium. Never blue, never light colors. So when I was getting a pedicure almost the last color I would have picked is an aqua-teal-ish one. But there I was and my dear friend- who was treating me as a birthday gift- was teasing me to get something fun outside my regular reds. According to the two young ladies about to give us our pedicures this was the hot color of the summer. I was protesting I don't like blue when one pointed out that my purse was the exact color I said I didn't like- the irony. Even more so that the purse was a birthday gift from a different friend last summer which I have received many compliments on and does really brighten an outfit. Why not? I could always paint over them (in red) if I didn't like it later, right?

I don't think we should give in to peer-pressure or even go with trends... but getting out of our comfort zones- why YES we should do that. I'm not sure I love the color but it's definitely growing on me and it was a spa treat I will not soon forget (the best pedicure ever- with eye mask, heated neck compress, reclined chair, and aroma oils- it was awesome!). Plus this is the second half and I want to dare and live fearlessly; am I afraid of blue toes? No, not Me!

We think we know what looks best on us and what works for us in almost all situations and most of the time we're right. But sometimes we're not and we'll never know that unless we try new things on. Just try them on and see if they're a fit. No harm, no foul if they're not- it's the taking of chances that helps us grow.

People get stuck in dated hairstyles, unfulfilling jobs, unconnected relationships because safety is well- safe. But if we keep still we get mossy and we never grow. I learned even when we're sure we don't like something we need to revisit every so often. I hated avocados and would always insist they be taken out of whatever I ordered. Now I eat them several times a week. I learned even if I didn't like something once I need to try it out again and see if it's still not to my liking. And these are the most simple basics- salad ingredients and toe colors... what else could change if I REALLY pushed myself: maybe it's time to move cities, date outside my decade, different hair color, take an out-of-the way trip, who knows?????

I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer and I'm going to be so bold as to suggest you try something new and it doesn't even need to be blue :)


Vickie Austin said...

That's quite a challenge, Ms. Joy. Something other than "Hollywood Red" for my toes? Get out of town!

You're so right--I tend to get tuck in a rut. I accept your challenge and will report back to you what I do to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks for raising the bar.

Vickie Austin said...

that should be "stuck" in a rut. :-->