Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Complicated when your life is Up In The Air

Spent the last few days enjoying the post holiday calm by seeing friends and some great movies. Two in particular I loved: It's Complicated (Streep / Baldwin) and Up In The Air (Clooney). And they were both entertaining and thought provoking. Good questions to ponder at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one:

It's Complicated: Relationships linger in our lives for many reasons. Don't we need to figure them out before we can commit to healthy new ones? I believe there is an energy block when we don't complete a love relationship that distracts us from attracting a new love. I've struggled with this one myself, having spent years pining over someone who would not have made me happy in the long run. What makes things complicated is that there are also times when an old love is exactly what we need both temporarily or possibly permanently only in a different phase of our lives. Either way, if we don't look at reevaluating our relationships, we're wasting valuable energy. Reunite or release? Festering is not good for the soul.

Up In The Air: Are we living a valuable life filled with love or are we just passing GO and collecting frequent flyer miles? What is our destination in life? What game are we playing? Worthwhile to figure out before we spend our days away.

Both movies are reminders that we need to take time to look at our lives while were living them. And ask ourselves: Is this the life I want for myself?

I will be pondering both questions in-depth in the next few days and then using Me Mapping to take a look into what needs to be closed in 2009 and what I want to engage with in 2010.

How's your life... complicated? up in the air? Maybe 2010 is a good time to land, simplify, and figure You out.

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