Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fresh New Decade


I love a clean sheet of paper, a blank slate, new paint... anything that is crisp and neat and symbolic of a new beginning. That is why I love New Years... ah, fresh start! This year is the start of a new decade and there is just something about 2010 that seems numerically interesting and lucky. Do you feel it?
     The last decade was rough. You know, you were there. But I feel like 2010 is a good time to start anew. In addition to finishing up my book Finding Joy, I will also be beginning a new work adventure (more to follow) so I'm feeling very full of possibilities. As is my tradition on New Years Day, Friday I will be Me Mapping all day and closing out 2009 and creating 2010. I usually like to come up with a few themes for the year to inspire me and keep things in perspective. I think this year instead of multiple themes I will narrow it down to one maybe two. Top contender: I'm In It To Win It!
      I am also a big fan of rhyming so also looking at: If Not In 2010, When? Both kinda connected.
     Years tend to run together, so if I feel like they have a theme or slogan I'm more likely to feel compelled by a narrative of what I want bring into my life vs just existing day-to-day.
     I will share more about Me Mapping into the New Year, but until then try on some themes for 2010 with me and see if anything strikes you.

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