Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lucky Me: I'm In It to Win It!

I've had a remarkable 2 weeks of lucky wins. The funny thing is that I rarely enter contests or try to win prizes- a little skeptical once you know that so many are just to get your information to sell to some third party that bombards you with junk. That being said, in the last two weeks I have won two books and a Flip Cam. 2 of the 3 were from Twitter contests of writers that I had been following and felt I could trust, and the other was from another writer who I was participating in a weekly meditation program with. The exciting thing was the two books were on my seamlessly endless Amazon list that I had intended to buy, so it was like winning money. And the Flip Cam was something I really wanted for Santa to bring, so it was like Christmas early.

High on winner's fumes, I decided to go out and get a few lottery tickets (3 scratches 1 MegaMillions) and 2/3 scratch offs were FREE ticket winners and then I landed the Mega Ball so that means technically I won the lottery too. Sure, add it all together and it means I broke even (2 free + $2), but that is not the point. It reminded me you have to be in it to win.

In it to win it is not just for gambling (which I do not encourage anyone to get addicted to, it can be very destructive) but as a prompt for life. Dating: in it to win it. Job hunting: in it to win it. ..... So even though it's a little early for declarations, I am going to adopt in it to win it as a theme for 2010. Because I don't know about you, but sometimes I am not always in it and maybe that is where all the winners are.

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